Mobile Smoke Shop In Cincinnati: ‘I Want To Bring The Product To The People’

A mobile smoke shop is hitting the streets in Cincinnati. Among its offerings — hemp, CBD and edibles.

The whole set-up works much like an ice cream truck — but Nathaniel Brooks is not the ice cream man.

“No one that I know around the world that’s doing this,” he said.

Lo Blow Mobile is a smoke shop on wheels. The truck is a converted old FedEx truck.

“I am selling hemp out of the truck — federally-regulated and state-regulated.”

He wanted to make it easier for people to get these products.

“I wanted to be able to bring the products to the people instead of having the people come out,” Brooks said. “Especially for the CBD because that is a medical product that helps people that have pain and things like that.”

He has big plans for his business. It will be part delivery truck and part food truck.

“I am going to the food truck events, special events downtown on Fountain Square. I can set up just like them guys. Oktoberfest, I will pull down there and I can do the same thing.”

He’ll even let you flag him down — just like the guy he took the jingle from.

“This is the concept of the old school ice cream truck,” Brooks said. “I have the proper permits and everything so if someone waves me down, I can pull over, and service them and keep going.”

And it’s worked.

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