Out of Papers? 5 Different Ways to Smoke

Ben Taub - November 5, 2021

We’ve all been there: you’re out hiking, chilling at the beach, or camping in the woods and suddenly realise that you’ve run out of rolling papers. Perhaps you’re even in your own home and are just too lazy (or stoned) to go to the store to buy more. Getting caught short like that can be a drag, but it also allows one to get a little creative and find solutions using unconventional items. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to smoke weed without using papers, many of which involve everyday objects.

Smoke Weed Through Fruit And Vegetables

Apple pipes are a popular alternative means of getting high that every stoner has tried at least once in their life. To make one, all you have to do is create a shaft down the middle of the apple using a pen, removing the core of the fruit but stopping around halfway down. Then make another tunnel from the side of the apple, intersecting the first shaft.

The natural dip at the top of the apple is the perfect shape for a bowl, so all you have to do is line this with foil (being sure to poke some holes in the foil for the smoke to pass through) and place your cannabis on top of this. Then simply light her up and smoke your weed through the entrance hole of the second shaft you made.

The same technique can be applied to other fruits and veggies, so there’s no need to stick to apples. It’s even possible to smoke weed through a chillum made out of a carrot simply by carving a bowl into the thick end of the carrot and excavating a shaft running all the way down to the tip.

Getting high this way not only bales you out of a bind when you’ve run out of papers but also adds a little extra flavour to your cannabis.

Smoke Weed Through A Can

Beer and soda cans can also be converted into makeshift pipes in an emergency. This method is straightforward yet effective and requires little more than making a dent in the middle of the can to create a bowl. After poking a few holes in your dent, smoke your weed by placing it in the bowl, sparking up, and inhaling through the mouthpiece of the can.

While this is a great way to get yourself high when you’re out of papers, it’s worth bearing in mind that many cans have paint on them that could release toxic fumes when heated, so this may not be the healthiest way to smoke weed. For that reason, it’s probably a good idea not to use this method too often and to think of it as a last resort.

Make A Gravity Bong

To make a gravity bong, you’ll need a bottle and a larger container, such as a bucket. You’ll also need to make a hole in the bottle cap using a sharp object or a drill and require a bowl with a downstem. This last item can be fashioned out of tin foil or a banana skin, with a pen for the stem.

Fill the bucket with water almost to the top, and cut off the bottom third or so of your plastic bottle. Place the bottle into the reservoir of water, with the top sticking out above the surface. At this point, you should fill your bowl and place it on top of the cap, with the stem poking down through the hole you made earlier.

As you light your weed, slowly pull the bottle upwards and out of the water. Doing so will draw the smoke downwards, filling the bottle. It’s important not to remove the bottle all the way above the surface, however, as this will allow all the smoke to escape.

Once the bottle is full, remove the cap and smoke your weed by filling your lungs with the entire contents of your container. This will provide you with a massive bong-sized blast of smoke that has been nicely cooled by the water, resulting in a smooth hit.


Hot-knifing is one of the oldest known techniques for smoking weed, and while it may have gone out of fashion in recent times, it’s still damn effective. As the name implies, it involves heating up two knives – using a gas cooker, a blow torch, or even an open flame – and pressing some bud between them.

This will instantly cause your weed to smoke, so you can either inhale directly or catch the smoke in a bottle that has been cut in half, giving a larger hit that you can take all in one.

Smoke Weed Through A Tin Foil Pipe

One of the simplest ways of smoking weed, tin foil pipes can be fashioned quickly and easily and work surprisingly well when done right. Start by wrapping some foil around a pen to create a cylinder, but be sure to leave some overhang at the end, so you have enough material to make the bowl.

When molding this excess foil into a bowl, it’s vital to make sure that you don’t block off the entrance to the cylinder, as this will stop the smoke from flowing. You might need to rework it a few times to get it right, but that’s no sweat when you’re dealing with material as malleable as foil.

As these various solutions prove, running out of papers is not a disaster, and there are plenty of ways to smoke weed without needing to roll a joint. It’s also worth mentioning that this is far from an exhaustive list and that you could probably make a pipe or a bong out of just about anything if you really tried