Puff, Puff, Pass: The Tamale Blunts Your Abuelita Doesn't Want You To Smoke

By Taiia Smart Young

December 1, 2017



The Original Tamales de Cana company knows that their “all natural corn husk hand rolled blunts” are not your grandmother’s tamales, in fact, that’s their hashtag: #NotYouAbuelitasTamales. They look just like the delicious meal your Mexican grandmother would serve, but she probably wouldn't approve of this special blend! However, your cannabis-friendly cousin will definitely be about that life. 

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Forget the Dutch and Swisher rolling papers. It's time to graduate to a new level, especially since those aren’t the healthiest papers for a stoner’s body. The ones from the Cali-based company are much better because—according to remezcla.com—“cannabis flower is rolled into the corn husk and covered in wax and keif.” And if you follow The Original Tamales de Cana on Instagram, then you know these babies burn slower.

The biggest question most newbies to the brand ask is: Can you taste the corn leaf? The answer is no. On IG, the company said: “With our tamales, all you taste are the flavors you put in it. You can smell the corn husk burning at times.” The Brooklyn-based wrap provider T. Ras Co (@trasrollingco on IG) is all about creating a deeper, healthier smoking experience, which means no chemicals and no bleach. Plus it’s environmentally friendly too.

These tamale blunts give new meaning to the expression children of the corn.