About Us

T. Ras Rolling Co. is run by family & longtime friends and was born from the idea of keeping things as natural as possible. Our friend and T.Ras Family member, "Rasta" taught us this traditional method of smoking which dates back to tribal times. Once we tried it, our entire smoking experience changed and we felt that, now more than ever, people would really appreciate this.
Our product is not new, but one that has roots steeped in generations of history. This is for those who want more out of their smoking experience.
Each of our All-Natural Alternative Rolling Papers are hand selected and prepared in Brooklyn, NY, where they are also inspected to ensure all of the characteristics needed for a great smoke and the highest level of quality.
Our product is never chemically treated and is unprocessed and unbleached. Begin enjoying the smoking process with renewed appreciation. Share it with your friends and enhance their experience. Keep it all natural...